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Vinhomes introduces various attractive leasing policies for commercial properties and shophouses in its projects in Hanoi

According to a report from, in the fourth quarter of 2022, while the real estate market for sales (apartments, houses, land) was quite stagnant, the rental segments recorded many positive signals due to the recovery of demand for rental housing and commercial spaces, even with a trend of booming.

In addition to developing green living spaces, Vinhomes' urban areas are also designed and constructed with many commercial spaces to provide not only residents with many amenities for shopping and consumption within the project but also contribute to making the urban area more bustling.

At projects in Hanoi, the Real Estate Leasing Sales Department under Vinhomes is deploying and managing many commercial spaces for rent with attractive preferential policies. Let's explore the available rental spaces as follows:

1. Floor 1- Club House – Vinhomes Thang Long

Thị trường thuê thương mại hấp dẫn tại Hà Nội

Vinhomes Thang Long is located in the Nam An Khanh urban area, which belongs to the Hoai Duc district of Hanoi and comprises of two communes, An Khanh and An Thuong. This location benefits from modern transportation infrastructure, including important roads such as Thang Long Boulevard, the 4th Ring Road, Le Trong Tan Street, and the extended Le Van Luong Street.

The Clubhouse space is situated on Long Canh Street, opposite to Vinschool kindergarten, and features ready-to-use electricity and water connections. The 38m2 floor area is currently being offered for lease by Vinhomes at monthly rate of VND 13,300,000 (excluding management fees and taxes). This space is highly suitable for business activities such as a cafe or light food establishment, serving the residents of the project.

2. 2nd Floor of Winmart Building - Vinhomes Thang Long

Thị trường thuê thương mại hấp dẫn tại Hà Nội

The building consists of 03 floors located on CCDV11 land area in Vinhomes Thang Long urban area, attracting customers entering the project via Long Cảnh road. The 1st floor is the Winmart supermarket, attracting a lot of customers. The floor area is 460m2 and is offered for lease at VND 126,500,000/month (excluding VAT and management fees).

For details on other commercial leasing spaces in Vinhomes Thăng Long, please refer to this link.

3. Premise L1SA3, TM01-40+41 - Vinhomes West Point project

Thị trường thuê thương mại hấp dẫn tại Hà Nội

Vinhomes West Point is situated on a land area of over 4 hectares at the intersection of two major roads, Pham Hung and Do Duc Duc, in Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi. This prime location not only attracts the attention of homebuyers but also offers attractive investment opportunities for investors.

The commercial spaces for rent on the first and second floors of the commercial podium connecting W1 and W2 towers have various sizes ranging from 83m2 to over 1000m2, all of which can be rented immediately to serve dynamic business activities at the project.

All information regarding rental prices can be found here.

4. Café in Jurassic Park – Vinhomes Riverside

Thị trường thuê thương mại hấp dẫn tại Hà Nội

The Vinhomes Riverside urban area is divided into three stages with three subdivisions: Vinhomes Riverside, The Harmony, mainly developing low-rise villas, and Symphony subdivision of six high-rise apartment buildings with a variety of unit types, from studio apartments to three-bedroom apartments.

The Jurassic Park – Jurassic Park is located within the Vinhomes Riverside urban area, opposite the Symphony apartment subdivision and Vincom Long Bien shopping center, owning a prime location, the cafe counter is designed in the park to help customers access not only residents coming to the park but also customers coming to the shopping center and Symphony office building. Rent-free for the first year, the cafe counter will be a suitable choice for tenants doing fast food business. Customers can refer to the rental information here.

5. Veranda Floating Restaurant – Harmony Subdivision – Vinhomes Riverside Project

Thị trường thuê thương mại hấp dẫn tại Hà Nội

The 1,700m2 Veranda floating restaurant is a luxurious restaurant brand located in Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony Viet Hung, Long Bien. Owning unique advantages, Veranda is evaluated as one of the "golden points" for investors to rent business premises.

Veranda Restaurant owns the strength of the location when located at the central lake of Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony. With this position, residents and customers in the urban area can easily move and connect to the restaurant. Inheriting the ecosystem at Vinhomes Riverside - the most high-class ecological urban area in Hanoi and having a perfect living space specially designed for residents in the upper class.

It is rented for VND 240,000,000/month (Rent does not include 10% VAT and management fee), the restaurant is also a suitable place to do business in food and beverage, restaurants, cafes ... Detailed information on the premises can be found here.

6. Maris Restaurant và Thuy Ta Restaurant at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2

Thị trường thuê thương mại hấp dẫn tại Hà Nội

Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 marks the first steps of Vinhomes in the potential-rich land of Hung Yen. This project is planned and designed in a coherent way,attracting the attention of many customers to buy for living and investing.

Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 is located in 2 communes Nghia Tru and Long Hung, Hung Yen province. This location is highly evaluated by experts for its potential for development and price increase in the future.

Located in the center of the urban area, Maris and Thuy Ta restaurants are applied with special policies for winter and summer seasons and especially free rent for the winter months. Maris Restaurant with an area of 610m2 is managed by Vinhomes and rented out for VND 51,240,000/month (rent does not include 10% VAT and management fee), while Thuy Ta Restaurant has an area of 305m2 and is rented out for VND 33,660,000/month (rent does not include 10% VAT and management fee). For more detailed rental information, please refer to here.

If you want to rent commercial space in Hanoi, please contact:


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