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Vinhomes Smart City

Featuring a diverse living space in harmony with nature and a wide range of sports and gym facilities, Vinhome Smart City help nurture a community of lively and energetic residents.



Vinhomes Gardenia

Inspired by the image of pure and pure Western jasmine flower, Vinhomes Gardenia brings a fresh, comfortable living space, filled with fresh, balanced and relaxed emotions for those who are looking for a style new way of life. The multi-purpose complex with villas, garden houses, townhouses, high-class apartments and utilities are synchronously planned in the urban area, promising to be a desirable living space for every family.


Vinhomes Center Park

This is a project inspired by the famous Central Park - New York in the world. With the aspiration towards the most perfect and classy complex in Vietnam, Vinhomes Central Park Tan Cang promises to be the most modern urban area in Vietnam alongside the 81-storey Landmark building.


Vinhomes Dong Khoi

Reaching out on the most prestigious and central street of Ho Chi Minh City, Vinhomes Dong Khoi stands out strongly, marked as a timeless symbol of prosperity, where the quintessence and high-class living experience in the city. The most dynamic city in Vietnam.


Vinhomes Marina

Inspired by the Mediterranean, following the journey of creating new icons in Hai Phong, Vinhomes brings: Vinhomes Marina - The first Mediterranean-style urban area with new and luxurious colors in architecture and planning, with the main idea from "water" - a precious ecological element as the foundation for future life.


Vinhomes Golden River

Pioneering the application of the world-famous "a city within a city" model in Ho Chi Minh City, Vinhomes Golden River brings a complete life with perfect utility infrastructure for its residents right inside. urban area.


Vinhomes Skylake

Not stopping at the familiar green areas, Vinhomes Skylake is proud to bring the natural blue color into the home's living space and pioneer the unique blue lifestyle in Vietnam.


Vinhomes Symphony

Immersed in the pure nature of the "peaceful land" of Vinhomes Riverside, which is known as "miniature Venice in the heart of Hanoi", Vinhomes Symphony Riverside apartment is like a sweet symphony, giving The owners here live a peaceful and complete life.


Vinhomes Thang Long

Owning a pure natural area from 10 hectares of air-conditioned lake and a closed "compound" model, full of all utilities and services, Vinhomes Thang Long aims to a peaceful and quiet old Hanoi, where all worries are. , the mess of work is left behind when returning home.


Vinhomes Imperia

Vinhomes Imperia is an urban area located in the downtown area of Hai Phong city. With a prime location, this is a project that is attracting the attention of the Hai Phong real estate market. Vinhomes Imperia is the settlement choice of the elite in port land, where class is confirmed.


Vinhomes Green Villas

Possessing an airy landscape with a 7,000 m2 regulating lake, along with liberal and classy Mediterranean architecture, Vinhomes Green Villas Tay Mo Dai Mo promises to bring the best living values to the elite. save the capital Hanoi.


Get 1-month rental free with 01 year serviced apartments contract at Vinhomes Ocean Park

Making impression in the community of residents in the east of Hanoi with super utilities since its launch, Vinhomes Ocean Park is bringing a modern green living space, with many unique highlights attracting thousands of residents who choose the project as new home to live and attract tenants to come and enjoy all living needs right in the project from health, education, health care to entertainment and shopping.


Vinhomes launches shop house rental policy at Parking Zones in Vinhomes Ocean Park and Vinhomes Smart City

In developed countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand or Singapore, and especially in Western countries, apartment buildings or large urban areas currently are always aiming to build separate floating floors to serve as parking spots. The purpose is not only to avoid congestion from a large number of vehicles in the basements of high-rise buildings but also to minimize the risk of fire and explosion.


Vinhomes offers a collection of appealing commercial properties for investment and business purposes across various provinces

Currently, shophouse premises and commercial areas in urban areas or apartment buildings always attract business investors seeking to develop their business. Premises are not only sought for quick buying and selling for investment, but are also of interest to business owners and tenants as a factor to consider when positioning themselves in strategic locations to reach potential residents in urban areas and buildings across the country.


Vinhomes introduces various attractive leasing policies for commercial properties and shophouses in its projects in Hanoi

According to a report from, in the fourth quarter of 2022, while the real estate market for sales (apartments, houses, land) was quite stagnant, the rental segments recorded many positive signals due to the recovery of demand for rental housing and commercial spaces, even with a trend of booming.


Seeking business opportunities with Vinhomes' Properties in Ho Chi Minh City

Shophouses and commercial spaces for rent at the base of apartment buildings or mixed-use urban areas have always brought attractive investment opportunities and direct access to residents within the project, highlighting the vitality of the community. After a period of being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the economy showing signs of recovery, the commercial rental space segment has gradually seen growth in both supply and rental prices in recent times.


Receive 01-month rental free with Welcome Spring promotion at Vinhomes Ocean Park

With prime location at the eastern trade gateway of Hanoi, Vinhomes Ocean Park owns great advantage in terms of traffic infrastructure and series of outstanding utilities and services to attract thousands of residents and customers to choose the project as a place to reside in Hanoi.


Receive free 02-year rental when renting Thuy Ta restaurant at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 The Empire

Vinhomes officially announces new and the very first restaurant space for lease at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 - The Empire with special offer


Renting apartment in “Ocean District” only from 5.620.000VND/month with best autumn sales promotion. 

Welcome Autumn, Vinhomes Serviced Residences offers new best autumn sales to all guests who want to rent fully furnished serviced apartments in Vinhomes Ocean Park.


Offers - Promotions

Get 20% rental discount when renting serviced apartments with “One Renting, Two Receiving” promotion.

With desire to bring customers more opportunities to experience convenient life in Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Serviced Residences would like to send our exclusive program “One Renting, Two Receiving” with the program conditions as follows:



Will industrial property be the future of Vietnam's real estate market?

Recently, industrial property has emerged as a sector that captures a lot of investor interest as a result of the shift from agriculture to industry and services in Vietnam as well as due to the many positive developments on the market including mergers and acquisitions and the increased availability of new industrial land.



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